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Hi Janice, just to let you know that I have introduced Ruby and Jess to their cat flap and they have been out a couple of times but not strayed very far and came back after about 15 mins! I was v stressed but I know it had to be done cos they are on the window sill all day and getting a bit restless! As you can see they are very happy and as living as ever, they are an absolute joy to me.

Update on Darcy

     Today Amanda and I have been to see one of our cats that we re-homed. She lives with Max, a Seal Siamese, a very handsome boy as you can see. Darcy was found straying and very, very pregnant. We tried everything to find her owner.

Darcy is a Snowshoe, so we really thought someone would come forward, but it goes to show even a pedigree that must have cost quite a lot is not wanted. Darcy was very lucky because Rosemary, and Max of course, have given her a lovely home with lots of love.

Do you remember Jaffa & Garfield, the ginger boys who were adopted then brought back to us? They have now been rehomed and here is a note from Louis, their new 'dad':

Just to say a big thank you for the cats! (Aka Garfield and Jaffa). They are settling very well at home and are a regular fixture at my home office! They are very affectionate and always seem to be either playing or purring.

A happy ending for the lovely boys.

This is Kizzy in her new home, she has settled in and is now called Anna. It’s lovely to see them so happy in their new homes

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